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Our web developers scope of services covers the breadth and depth of all aspects of custom website and app development and maintenance.

Web Development Services

We help conduct your day-to-day business operations through the perfect designed software.

From initial specification and prototype phase, developers can ensure seamless service at any stage throughout the workflow and ongoing support. When you choose our services, you Keyihuode efficient, scalable and future security, specifically for your business needs and high-definition software solutions for general support, even after launch.

How we can help you

We help companies, suppliers, business owners and companies through useful and comfortable procedures well designed and carefully built, unbelievably to simplify their work. Our architectural design, technical expertise and enterprise application innovation development, to ensure effective business communication, to promote different opportunities to explore.

Some of our solutions include:

  • cl1
  • cl2
  • cl3
  • cl4

From enterprise applications to online services and corporate portals, we offer it all. Whether you need help managing content material or ensuring workflow control, we're good for the organization.

ETL Solution

Our developers provide custom software products to retrieve and process data from various devices, hardware and digital sources, make it available on the Internet.


To incorporate the advantages of high functionality solutions and electronic sources, simply select our custom development services. internal developers to provide a comprehensive track record of e-commerce solutions, including online auctions market, mobile e-commerce.

Web Backend

We guarantee the development of customized mobile software, providing data processing and mobility decisions for all business needs.

Technology we use

There are two main ways to create a script, code, and schedule for a Web solution:

Client Code / Script - The type of code that the browser interprets. Any visitor to the site can usually see it.

Here are some of the techs the developers use for client-side scripting:

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • JavaScript Framework Library (jQuery)
  • Ajax

Server-side script / script - The type of code that the server executes. This is something that the general public is not visible or can not access.

The server-side script technology used by the developer is:

  • PHP
  • Zend Structure
  • ASP
  • Perl's
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python and so on

Kind of promotion of the site

Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

Static web application

If you choose to create web tools, it's important to understand that this kind of software displays little or no content and is inactive.

They are often based on CSS and HTML . There will be emotional gifs, videos, banners etc. He also can create Ajax and JQuery .

In addition, it is not always easy to improve the content of static applications. To do this, the developer first downloads the HTML code and then makes the changes and eventually loads it back into the server. And such adjustments can only be performed by the webmaster or with the help of the planning and design of the program's development agency.

Examples of static development include professional combinations or virtual courses. The introduction of the company website can also use this web utility to display their contact information and similar data.

Dynamic web application

Dynamic web software packages are more complex in the technical phase. They use the database to load the data and update the content every time the user accesses them. Generally, they have a management panel (CMS) from which the director can adjust or adjust content, text content and images.

Many special programming languages ​​can be used to develop dynamic Web packages. Hypertext preprocessors and ASP are the most commonly used languages ​​that allow you to build content data.

In this kind of app, content updates are easy and do not need to sign in to the server when they are modified. Additionally, it lets many types of applications apply to forums or stocks. Construction - in addition to content - can be customized by the administrator's choice.

Online Store or E-commerce

If the app is an online site, its size may be similar to the e-commerce website or e-commerce site. This form of designing is more difficult because it requires money through credit card, PayPal or any budget. The administrator must also create a set of administrators. A list of new items can be used, upgrading or deleting them, their work plans and salaries.

Our developers create great mobile apps just like mobile apps so they can work as native apps.

Portal web Solution

When using the portal, the developer creates a utility that has access to various parts or classes through the home page. These applications can include many things: chat, forums, email, browsers, registered access to the area, ultramodern content, and so on.

Animated web app

The animation will be inevitably related to the Flash era. This coding technique allows developers to offer content animations. In addition, it can be with the help of creative designers and directors to achieve a more imaginative and cutting edge design, and is one of the most used technologies.

The downside of the growing animation program is that this technology does not always apply to page targeting and SEO optimization because Google's search engines can not completely check their data.

Web application with content management system

Content must always be related to Web application development, so installing a content management system (CMS) is an important key choice. Administrators can use this CMS to modify and update themselves.

These expert content managers are intuitive and very easy to manage. Some examples of content control systems are:

  • Wordpress: is undoubtedly the most important content manager. The Internet provides a wealth of information, tutorials and courses to help you customize it and understand how it works. You can definitely ask our developers to adjust it and train it to make the job more productive.
  • Joomla: This CMS is second best Wordpress. It does not have as many users, but it has a strong web, the same is very intuitive.
  • Drupal: This is a free CSM software. It is very adaptable, especially the establishment of community.

This web solution is very quiet on the content page: personal and corporate blog, professional blog, news pages, articles, media and so on.

There are some issues to consider in Web development

Each type of web application has its advantages and disadvantages, but do not forget that eventually it will become a website. They are not native applications, no matter how similar they appear (this may depend on the design, not on its development). You may need to meet the requirements of the cookie and improve the security of the application against a viable hacker - similar to the way the site runs. By working with developers, you can be sure that the product will be highly protected by the latest security technology.

Also, consider dealing with search engine optimization because the web software will appear in the results of the search engine, especially because the Google set of rules has been updated. The current app needs to implement the look and feel of the mobile app. While keeping the site's technology below cost, they will do the same. It is worth noting that you remember a favorable fact.


We offer first class products at fair prices

First, the commitment to customize the web software seems suspicious, but our team of developers asks you to look at our methods and see where we cut costs while following the unique concepts.

Many applications created with the help of development company seems to focus primarily on the aesthetics and vision of software, replacing the internal content. They forget the reality, if the software can not maintain its own, and through the use of its function to attract customers, then do not need to beautiful.

We represent web developers:

  • Efficient and reliable: low-cost promising functions and functions
  • Safe and fast - to create programs that are not always fast or lack security and privacy without any benefit
  • Aesthetic attractive and pleasant is certainly part of the business, but once the developer did all the other work the best possible.

Collaborate with our IT organization

Software development agencies like us insist on strengthening and updating the mode of communication between customers and consumers, helping establish and maintain a stable relationship, mutual understanding and reliability for many years. Our IT team is pleased to expand its client list with your name.

Because we are the most suitable for you

And just because we take care of these huge companies, we are worried about start-up companies, because as a developer we offer them the same level of quality business solutions. By meeting our customers' expectations within any budget, we can transform the achievements of large brands into smaller organizations. Our developers receive designs of all sizes, day and night, and provide bespoke solutions for them.

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