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If you are looking for a reliable partner to guide the project throughout the development process, our IT company in London will be the best choice.

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Development process: where to start and how to continue

"What do I want to achieve?", "How does this work?" - If you have an idea of ​​an app you want to develop, there can be many provocative questions. If you have never created an app before, then the starting point is quite confusing, then hiring designers and developers team will be better to achieve proficient work in agreed time.

Before you talk to a software developer, designer or development company in London, you should have:

  • Important user experience (target market)
  • Proper evidence of consumer testimony (when using this product you may want to get a list of things)
  • Early wireframe - hand-painted or otherwise (visible architecture)
  • Price range (money divided for the project)
  • Are you committed to taking the time to expand your work (your investment is semi-successful)

If you have only a small understanding of future products, our London IT organization will be happy to discover every aspect and shape the concept as a work item.

Working with external staff

The first step: initial telephone or consultation with staff

Finding the right developer in London to take your job can be an adventure. You should initiate a preliminary conversion of the phone or Skype with the development team to set the goals you want to achieve and get the satisfaction of working with them, their ability and the normal game.

Stage 2: Sign the contract

Before signing a contract with an individual or group, you must recognize the correct signature. Most solid builders or development companies, such as our London institution, have signed an open-end agreement (NDA) from the outset to maintain this idea, but it pays to pay attention to the conditions listed. Some other issues to be addressed before signing a contract are whether your company will charge your model based on time or at a fixed rate. If the transfer is charged in the main time mode, it is more important that you consult the clear delivery in the contract.

Stage 3: Wireframe

After signing the agreement, usually the beginning of the wireframe. Wireframing is basically the visible layout that will be placed on each page of the app and how they fit together. The wireframe is critical in defining the overall scope of the task and the mutual know-how that needs to be built.

Stage 4: Design

When the wireframe is complete, the development usually begins the design phase to obtain the high-definition .psd file, which shows the app's appearance when creating the mileage. This stage is where you can mix signs, colors, shapes, fonts and many other items together. In London, our designers will focus on the latest trends in the digital marketplace and will consult on the preferred color scheme, logo and layout solution. We always offer several variants of design to choose a customer's favorite.

When everyone is satisfied with the visual design, the developer can make improvements.

Stage 5: Development

In the development phase of the operation, it is essential that as a customer, you can intervene in the program to update the development. Usually this is done by some control device. Errors that occur at this stage can be costly, so it is vital to constantly communicate with the improved team.

Step 6: Beta test

After the test is complete or the user test is complete, you have a full version of the product. Beta testing is used to test programs in a variety of environments and conditions to ensure that the program is started without major errors or failures and that the current user is comfortable with the operation of the app. It was generally incorporated into the development contract, so make sure that this has already been included to start working with the development team.

Step 7: Launch

That day X finally arrived! The app has been completed, verified, and equipped to get started. It may take several weeks for the product to appear in the app store. On iOS, Apple evaluates the submission of each program and can request changes before publishing.

Our London app development company has a great experience in producing and deploying software, so we work with customers to get products based on store guidelines to avoid additional roughness at the time of release. Our marketing manager will help you write the right description and choose the best screen captures to make the product page more attractive.

Stage 8: Post Launch

Client feedback is required after the app has been released, so that the developer can update the program and add a note during the adjustment process. You also need a manager to track overall app performance. At our software development agency, we will never leave our customers and be ready to provide more improvements after the official launch.

The secret of success

Many of us have thought of first-class ideas for mobile applications. In our development agency in London, we not only dream, but also turn bold ideas into life. We are convinced that we can create advanced and excellent products that can produce great charm, gain brand name and break the large and operational capabilities of other applications.

We are here to transform our experience into your future success.

  • When the program has gone through all stages of development and is ready for launch, there is still a lot of work to do.
  • You need to take additional basic steps to allow the app to access and entice the user.
  • The previous month
  • Definitely successful. To understand if the project is successful, it is important to define some simple desires. Keep it simple, first focus on active deployment costs, various ratings and average scores.
  • Create a video. Video is one of the most efficient and expressive ways to showcase the app interface and design. Creating an extended video for presentation and workflow is also perfect. At this stage, you may not even have to put money into the development team - using the phone's screen simulator, you can create a simple and professional video tutorial without difficulty, showing the coolest features of the app.
  • Determine the scope of the promotion. If you're launching software for Android, you do not have to send it to each store. Focus on the customer base and distribution of promotional activities, all potential customers to a store. This can allow the product to get higher scores, rankings and greater visibility.
The next steps:

Reception of the London press. Ideally, journalists and bloggers should be able to publish content information about the product so that you can understand the product in advance. Choose some journalists to get in touch with pre-release and make sure they are aware of the unique date and time the app is published. Take the time to answer the questions and let yourself be prepared with the press the day before and release the day if they need any other information.

Provide a secret look.

If it is possible to provide an app for viewing the London media, then do so. Allow reviewers to play back in front of the audience, making their articles more thorough and informed. Prepare and identify visual objects. More visual effects, including images, icons, screenshots and videos, followed by nicer, more dynamic articles, collateral advertising and marketing will emerge and be more agitated and communicated in the target market. Make sure that every journalist you contact can access all of the items before launching the software.

Start the app

Talk to everyone on the news list. Optimistic that the launch of the day will be many important comments. To raise awareness, find the relevant list on the list of relevant journalists and bloggers in London, let them know about the launch. Make sure your product records are uploaded to the app's large appraisal site and other guidelines you want to know.

Click the current client. If you're launching a new product, encourage existing enthusiasts to help the product appear. The use of existing network communication products can have a huge impact on the launch. Get your current customer base through blogs, social networking, communications or all three aspects and ensure that customers help spread the brand around the world. Remember a participant in a marketing campaign to reinforce the reaction.

Do the community when the app is launched, do Tweet and put it on Facebook and add some instances at some point of the day. Try out a routing campaign, plus a prose specific theme tag to enhance Twitter's activities and take advantage of the excitement of the launch. Do not forget to closely monitor all social media channels, respond to a simple "thank you" or broadcast users in a timely manner.

Making progress with your app

After the launch, how to maintain the power to prevent the program from being submerged under the radar?

Paid advertising and marketing. If the app is hot, the commonly used merchandise sales activities will keep it visible and expand the momentum of launch, customer, and press concerns. However, the advantage of the game fast and ensure that the move remains within a few days of launch.

Work with different app developers in London. Integration with multiple applications can be a first-class way to make applications more powerful and put them in front of the latest audience. Choose the right integration community, assuming the highest price of the current customer. Do not rely solely on the size of the consumer base to select partners - this is not always important for the first level of awareness.

Maintain interaction with the customer. Participate actively in social media: ask the client and respond immediately to their questions, ideas and comments. If they indicate that updates are required, be sure to thank them for the contribution.


Advantage of Cooperation

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  • Integrate programs and tools into an exclusive program environment and create digital solutions for individual needs.

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