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Our main developers are excited to work with each client to propose higher quality solutions and services. Until you are satisfied with the final product, you are our customer. And in our team you will definitely climb to the top of glory!

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Our best developer is the best for reasons. Believe us, trust us, we will deliver products made with professionalism and innovation. Our developers treat each project in a serious and personal way like yours. Most of the work has the opportunity to actively communicate with the developers. According to the development process, you can get more information, comment everything, ask questions and receive all the details.

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Our teamwork is at the highest possible level and we have to work better and faster each time. Our development group has the best developers on the team and the top designers and managers.

One of the things we can guarantee is that our development company is trying to elevate its business to a completely different level. We make sure that you are trying to develop the best products. Appropriate application for the mission and business vision. Our top developer shows your business as bright as possible and brings many new customers.

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Make a request yourself

We do not want to hire an external developer to care about the process, but if you do not have development experience, you can use one of the many application creation platforms. There is a program to create an iPhone application that works correctly on the iOS platform. However, such applications are not stable, are not stable and go through the approval of the App Store. Therefore, it would be better to hire professional developers and program native apps of high quality for the iPhone. Also keep in mind that if you develop your own native application yourself, you should receive the developer's certificate. There are many learning programs and guides available on the Internet. This will help you understand the basis of iPhone development.

XCode, Swift, iOS SDK

Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for iPhone apps is XCode. You can download it from the official site for free. XCode is a graphical interface used by developers to create applications. It also includes everything you need to write the iOS 8 code using Swift, the latest programming language. Since it can be used only with Mac, if you plan to create an application for iPhone, you must run OS X.

Apple recently promoted Swift, but you can program applications for the iPhone in one of several languages, such as Objective-C. It is up to you to use it, but there are different guides, learning programs, and classes to help beginner developers:

Start Developing iOS Apps Today: the Official Guide for Beginners

Follow the configuration of XCode, structuring your application and expressing it in all implementations and the App Store.

  • Introducing Swift: the modern programming language Swift was created for iPhone and Mac. It may be better to start using it if you are not used to the development of the iPhone. It is similar to Objective-C (this can be used for those you like).
  • Apple development video: Apple has many WWDC videos and tells us a lot of development. They are a great source to study industry studies and know the basic set of tools with which you work.
  • Ray Wenderlich's tutorial: if you want to make a game, Ray Venderlich's training program is a great starting point. We cover all kinds of things, except games. Therefore, even if you want to create a productivity application, you must learn something about Objective-C and Swift.# 008.5 Apple API Function: Apple has several APIs to access application extensions such as HealthKit, Touch ID, Photos etc. They help to implement more sophisticated functions of the program.
  • Code school of the iOS application development class: through the introductory class of Code School, you can understand the foundations of iPhone development without charge.
  • iOS development class from Stanford University: Stanford University has several free classes to learn iPhone development. All this is available in iOS 7, but most of what you learn should be successfully migrated to iOS 8. It is also possible that there is an updated class of iOS 8 in the near future.

It is necessary to configure development tools and understand well how to work on iPhone.

Apple App Store Review Guidelines

It is no secret that the App Store Review guidelines are very restrictive for Apple. As they have a very special idea of ​​what kind of software they allow in the store, it would be beneficial to learn the rules before trying to make the application. If you do not do this, you can spend your time doing what Apple does not allow at all.

When the developer creates the software for the iPhone, the developer will provide it to the application store and consider it according to its design, content, and technical details. Apple also has a list of common reasons why products are rejected. As a rule, it is caused by a blockage, a broken link, advertising or incomplete information. It is also known that Apple blocks apps that contain all types of adult content and political content.

Similarly, many of Apple's APIs have a set of recommended recommendations for developers to review. Therefore, if you try to integrate your application with HealthKit or Apple Pay, it is also important to know these rules. It is good to remember that Apple tends to make the review process very cautious. Even if you create something remotely for the iPhone, it can be rejected, so you can remember it before compiling the product.

Apple Design Guidelines

In addition to the review guidelines, Apple has a series of design and interface recommendations. They expect that all the programs in the store have a certain type of consistency, but that does not imply a good design, but in reality the software does not have the same basic elements of the user interface. It means to use.

To understand what to do, see the page on the Apple Human Interface Guidelines page. There is a basis for what you are looking for in both apps and icon designs. They are also easy, since they also have a list of what should and should not be done, which distills their extensive guide a little.

Apple does not leave developers in the dark completely on how to create well-designed products for the iPhone. To improve the cut of the design, you can find many resources online.


Create an iPhone Application with Expert Developer

Only professional developers familiar with software development are experts and can create top quality mobile applications using complex tools, languages ​​and programs. They know how the various elements work and place them in the limited space of the iPhone's screen. Modern digital experts should not only know some programming languages ​​but also experience in UI and UX design. Today, the user is at the center of any creation process. Our development company always looks at the product from the user's point of view and guarantees the best user experience.


If you have doubts that you need to do to implement your bespoke software project, do not hesitate to contact our talented and ambitious team of developers. We will implement your idea according to your requirements and needs and we will turn it into a leading IT solution.

GitHub and TestFlight registration

You probably do not want to create iPhone products with bubbles. Instead, we encourage other people to see their code and have their beta testers try their program.

  • GitHub

    GitHub is for software version and collaboration control. As soon as you register on GitHub, it is very easy to link Xcode, everything you develop is saved and can be used by others on your computer. If you need help installing GitHub, see that manual.

  • TestFlight

    Similarly, the beta tests in iOS 8 are also very simple. TestFlight allows you to test a program simply by inviting users to the team. They only need to download the TestFlight program.

  • Apple SDK

    The development for the iPhone is based on known with XCode. As soon as you feel confident you can create software in a broad range of other languages ​​and try yo master Swift. Software development is not an easy task, especially when purchasing custom multifunctional software for commercial purposes.