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Our team of iOS developers provides qualified IT services to the customers all over the world, from start-up companies to large organisations, and help the clients to create the best solution for each unique task.

We are the leading IT company, with developers, designers, programmers, and other internal team specialists, with experience in numerous fields and industries.

How to become a professional iOS developer

When we talk about the skilled and creative team of iOS experts, we mean all the skills and qualities that all our experts have.

If you ask how to become a mature Apple developer, we are ready to share our experience - how we work.

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Software development process

There are many phrases that can explain how the software is built. Top developers prefer to call it software development. Each iOS specialist must fully understand how the software is built - how to model, test, debug, how to create compelling interfaces, make efficient use of the web, actively use source control, and:

Become an advanced / expert in Objective-C, master script languages ​​such as C, Python and C++.

Developers should understand that iOS application development means% 90 UX and% 10 development skills.

Creative and timely understanding of the latest iOS trends and requirements.

Using Source Control

Source management is an important part of the software process, worth mentioning. When developers work as a team, they should understand how to use source control. It provides the ability to checkpoints, return to the previous version of the code base, and provide a description of why you are making a certain alternative. Knowing how to use programs such as git is vital, for which programmers must master:

  • Initiate re-buy mode
  • Cloning repo path
  • Put on the far path
  • How to pull and merge remote changes
  • How to test the status of your next repo
  • How to create and merge branches
  • How do I create a label (you'll need to do this every time you submit to the App Store)

These are fundamentals, but professionals can use this program to do more things, this is a prerequisite for programming.

Swift and Objective-C

Each professional programmer should master the Swift and Objective-C programming languages: negotiating grammar and underlying structures (objects, data types, collections, networks, and JSON); understand basic object-oriented ideas such as what an object is, what the class is, and how to write methods.

Learn iOS

The knowledge iOS framework is a must for professional developers. This means that each of our experts has a good understanding of how to:

  • Create the view (using storyboards, xibs, programmatically)
  • Respect user interaction with various controls (buttons, switches, sliders, etc.).
  • View statistics in table view
  • Display sign
  • Manage the navigation and perspective transition
  • Displays snapshots, labels, and text content views.
  • Combine the REST API and parse JSON

Create the Application

We always ask developers to confirm their project portfolio for their real understanding of the process, not just the iOS platform's programming language and ideas. Each team member is out and ready to face new challenges. Read more.

Start the application in the App Store

IOS developers have a clear understanding of Apple's best application application and review policies. Although you have a senior developer and an application-enabled team, each expert can quickly sign in to iTunes Connect to update metadata, publish updates, or a series of different content. You can ensure that every member of the development team will do everything possible to build and optimize the product for the App Store and lead it to success:

  • Work in a timely manner;
  • Complete the project within your budget;
  • Achieve business goals and increase profits.

What is the perfect iOS developer?

Developing for Apple devices requires special skills - or, rather than a special way of doing programming. These are unique to the iOS and Cocoa Touch structures. In addition, developers need to understand the principles of object orientations, how to use source code management, and at least master the iOS programming language: Swift or Objective-C.

Our developers are the top experts who created apps for Apple from scratch:

  • A UI with different labels, images, text perspectives, buttons, selectors, and controls, defined in xibs, codes, or storyboards;
  • Use automatic layout to ensure that the display is in different screen sizes and location orientation;
  • Through the buttons, switches, sliders, selectors, tabular views and different interactions of the control manipulator;
  • It has a plurality of navigation types, a tag bar controller, a navigation controller and a web browsing controller, and a mix of them;
  • Show modal views that users can ignore;
  • Indicate alerts and action sheets and process your entries;
  • Accept user input from a textual perspective;
  • Operate the keyboard as appropriate;
  • There is a scrolling view that can be easily routed, scrolling scrolls one page at a time, two combinations;
  • The asynchronous community then requests to send and receive data from the REST API;
  • Use custom template objects that make up the basic elements of the application;
  • Parse JSON and deserialize it into template widgets;
  • There are many other things.

Get professional IT consulting

  • Man-machine interface interface and impressive UI;
  • Elimination control and its application are significant;
  • Debugger used in Xcode to track failures;
  • UIviewController life cycle - many techniques that can be used, when to use them;
  • Application lifecycle, development methods, waterfalls and agile methods, App Store optimization and post-launch maintenance.
  • Any other item in the digital world.

Let our developers highlight it

The company has the most talented programmers in the global market. We have the best talent in carefully evaluating talents. Diplomas and Certificates are sincere, but one of the basic criteria for selecting employees is to test their skills.

Forward to continue education under energy transfer until it is able to function autonomously and produce perfect results. The training phase can make efforts and resources, it is important to ensure that every employee understands the details of the industry because we care about the quality of the work, which is why we invest in professionals. Our rigorous selection and training devices ensure that application developers are hiring a skilled programmer who can accurately deliver what you need when you want time restrictions to be sacred to us.

In the years of effective work, the internal team developed clues to make the development process more effective:

  • self-education;
  • Collaborate and communicate with the client's team;
  • Dynamic consultation and exchange of important information.

Customer relationship

Our service has a trial period where you can leave for any reason without penalty. All team members are striving for customer service and technical assistance. Part of the success is to make the customer happy. There are some very enthusiastic employers who have used our application developers for many years, many of whom have become the partner for the rest of their lives. Feedback is important to us, it is one of the key resources to improve the work we do.

Most new customers become regular customers because they are satisfied with our performance. Many customers want to turn professional team products into currency, the vast majority of which make the sale profitable. The company proudly announces that we have never had a legal problem with all the customers. Company internal policy is reliable and we reserve the right to discontinue the relationship with the employer if there is reasonable suspicion that your intent is not in compliance with legal / ethical standards.

Our digital company mediates between the customer and the professional iOS developer to recruit, forcing both parties to abide by the rules of the currency service transactions. We have a fundamental belief that each party should consider others with justice and respect. We will provide customers with the best customer service, and we will take into account the workload of human resources, respectively, to meet and meet your needs.


Why Do You Need Us

Work with our iOS developers for long-term recruitment, and you'll make lots of money. First, you do not have to worry about our programmer's availability because the 24/7/365 team is ready. Related to us, stock options, vacation time, hiring time, unemployment, paperwork, etc. ... we care about everything you can decide how much you want to participate, depending on the level of your understanding or just of a general preference. You can get the most out of the decision, or just give some general thoughts and follow the hands of your iOS application developer and your team.

Our software development experience covers:
  • UX / UI digital design,
  • icon/illustration / logo / design template,
  • e-commerce site solution;
  • business advice and so on.

Naming the idea - and getting the solution

The software development team specializes in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Our best developers can prepare for the most complex projects, especially the dark ones - get in touch and let us work together.