UK Custom Software Development Company

We are a custom software development company that grows rapidly and we focus on creating unique IT solutions for our clients. Custom software, also called tailor made or bespoke, is a computer program or web app developed to meet your needs.

Our Goal

Carrying out business needs analysis, we deliver high quality custom software apps.

Let us know your opinion from each stage of the development of your app, from the conceptual design to the launch of the product. At the same time, we are in charge of all stages of the app development life cycle. For more than five years our digital team have been experienced both innovative mobile applications for start-ups and complex programs for companies. Concentrate on the central objectives of future applications and help him grow and prosper his business with digital tools. If you apply for us, you can get the perfect combination of competitive price and quality.

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Reason why the Software Development Service is necessary

Software development is an important tool to perform daily tasks. There are many applications already prepared, but there are cases where you can not find the one that suits you or you need additional functions and tools to improve efficiency. The customized approach greatly improves workflow and productivity. Although the process of creating and implementing personalized software is long and costly, it is necessary to take into account that long-term perspectives justify this cost.

Support and Consulting

With extensive experience in custom software development, our team is in a wonderful position to provide consulting and professional advice on how to achieve business objectives with apps, networks and operating systems. We can focus on the main business goals and cover all the concern for technical issues in implementing your needs in professional bespoke software. Share your ideas and the results you want to achieve and we will take care of them in the most beneficial way for you. Our custom software development company guarantees the quality of all applications that support products that we create and launch.

Custom and Ready-made Solution

Custom and commercial software have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when he talks about the future success of his company, the answer is obvious. The most popular program meets the needs of the majority of users and at the same time does not meet the expectations of wood systems with wasted options and their function and efficiency. By creating custom software, you can eliminate unnecessary functions and provide everything you need to businesses. Decide what kind of function to include in the custom frame. For commercial expansion, whenever stability and reliability are required, custom software means simplifying the consistency and standardization of the process. With a single platform, the entire company and employees can communicate fluently. In summary, let's point out the benefits of the custom software of the standard program:

  • Customized according to the specific needs of your business.
  • Automate and simplify routine business processes.
  • Save data and information in one place.
  • There is no need to worry about the compatibility of the program.
  • Additional security.
  • More effective employee management.
  • There is no license fee. It's yours
  • Easy to use, according to your needs and requirements.
  • We will improve the efficiency and productivity of the company.
Third Alternative

If the program is ready to use does not fit well and individual software development is too expensive, you have another option. Some IT development companies can implement the functions necessary for existing solutions and provide flexibility. This option may be perfect:

  • It's cheaper than ordering your own software

Since the developer has not written it from scratch, it can process at high speed simply by adding the necessary functions.

  • It is much easier than writing the entire program

However, the number of drawbacks is as follows.

  • First, not all ready-to-use programs allow legal review.

It is necessary to pay for its use in accordance with the terms of the license and cover the additional costs for custom development.

  • Each time there is an update in this program, you must implement changes and functionality again. And this is a huge additional cost for synchronization and blocking, due to its stable work.
Business Software Solution

We have provided customized business solutions for various industries. We will use our excess of technical experience in established innovative technology to create digital tools adapted to the needs of your business. You can also integrate native and cross-platform mobile applications with other parts of the business system to increase productivity and mobilize business. From the intranet / extranet to the business process automation solution, you can use several web applications to simplify your work. We are equally valuable to clients with large companies, medium markets, single startups or clients with small local businesses.

Creation of Internal Company Apps

Whether you personalize the program or believe it yourself, you need a professional developer. You can hire an external team of developers, such as a development company, or you can create an internal team within the company. Even individual developers rarely do hard work, such as creating custom software in a short time. We need many skills, such as planning, coding, design, UI / UX tests, quality control tests.

Outsource Software Development

We call it outsourcing when we hire an external agency or a service provider to complete some business task for you. In our case, it is the creation of a coordinated program for the management of your business. Why do people outsource? There are several reasons and benefits:


Skills of experts. Creating a simple mobile app in some compilation sites for free applications is not that difficult, but it is different to create a complete program with multiple functions specially designed for you. Such work requires graphic design, website development and coding of several programming languages.


Temporary needs. The developers need to develop custom software. You may need to update it later by updating it, but it is not necessary every year. If you hire your own developer team, you must pay the developer's monthly salary, but if you hire a subcontracting company, you will only pay for the entire job. Also, you can not afford to hire highly trained developers for a part-time job.


Team. You may need some equipment and inventory that is expensive and does not reward the results of a job. Our company specialized in the development of custom web and mobile applications has everything we need.

In summary, outsourcing is the best way to hire professionals for temporary work. You may think that the hourly rate and the cost of the project are high, but it is cheaper than the software engineer's salary and salary of the year. If you work with us, you can count on technical assistance even after starting the software.



The advantage of forming your own team for operational functions is that you can always control your time and activities. But it is doubtful that its cost will be lower for several reasons:

  • We need to hire developers with the necessary experience. He must pay salaries all year.
  • Please manage this additional staff and help them learn a lot.
  • Give them the opportunity to participate in international conferences that offer new test devices and investigate the latest changes in iOS, Android, Windows and Microsoft development standards.
  • You must pay the fee for these developer licenses. etc.

As a result, it may not be qualitative as you expected. Finally, you can outsource the resources that do most things within the company or in the company. You must examine all the strengths and weaknesses and judge yourself which is the best option for you.

How it works

Invoking the development of ASD and agile software during our work is a methodology to further increase flexibility and is designed for the level of pragmatism of the final product. It focuses on simple code, and in most cases is ready to test and implement the functional bits of the app. The main objective of ASD is to create multifunctional applications in small pieces approved by customers. We divide the project into several stages and supervise and improve the creation process.

Steps of our software development.

  • First step: Discussion

    We will start the project with discussion and a detailed plan. Our project team points out the central objectives of the client's request. Listen to your requests and expectations, and draw the full picture of future work. Our team develops various proposals for the optimization of projects with its personnel.

  • Second step: Investigate

    Then, decide the cost of the project and the necessary resources. This stage will end before agreeing the general budget and the equipment requirements. We will analyze all stages of this stage and help provide security on the conditions of software creation.

  • Third step: System Design

    This stage includes the preparation of models, technical documents and representative materials. Determine all the functions of the software app and create a wire frame. We are intensifying the UX and UI design, managing useful and attractive digital solutions.

  • Fourth step: MVP

    The next step is to create a minimum product that can be executed. The developer codes the "body" of the software tool. This is a working app with its central function. As soon as the test is ready, we will verify the compatibility according to the plan that we develop in cooperation with you. If the implementation preparation is in place, continue with the next step.

  • Fifth Step: Test and Start

    In this stage, the quality control test is carried out to eliminate all errors. All the elements are verified and complete reports are obtained for all the stages of experience. Make the necessary improvements and try again. Only highly specialized and experienced experts will carry out this test. Once all the tests and corrections are completed, you can think about the additional features that you want to implement. Only if you are satisfied with the results and the quality of our work, will analyze the reaction you can express with your target audience. When all the required changes are completed, start the full app.

    All the members of our IT team are interested in your success after the product launch. We will continue cooperating, evaluating the app, receiving comments from users and looking for new ways to increase efficiency.

Why is it Necessary for you to Choose us?

It is difficult to find a good software development company but to find the company that will be your long-term partner is much more difficult. We use a variety of programming languages ​​and are developing customized web, mobile and multiplatform solutions, as well as large companies, medium-sized companies or new companies. Our IT agency can make the entire development process transparent and can provide important things such as:

  • Quality
  • ROI optimization
  • Technical background
  • Scalability
  • Early market launch

As the experts in the IT industry, we are passionate about our work and are doing everything possible to create unique software solutions for our clients. Let’s talk today and discuss your custom development needs.