Android Development: Create an App for Business

Android is one of the world market leaders among other mobile operating systems. The Android platform revolutionized the way people and organizations used to communicate. Ultimately, the platform will undergo a complete overhaul adding a wide variety of useful functions for commercial and personal communication. But how can people make the most of this high-tech expansion for business? Very simple: Develop a bespoke mobile app for your company with a reliable development organisation!

Our company will help you create a pixel-perfect program optimized for Goolge mobile devices to market and manage your business on the Android mobile platform.

Why do you need an Android Mobile App?

The Android platform is currently targeting a market with multiple devices in the smartphone market. Taking advantage of this opportunity, it is clear that we address the development of smartphone and tablet apps for the majority of potential customers.

Last year's statistics considering this idea:

  • Approximately 788 million people are connected to the Internet through mobile devices.
  • The number of smartphones has increased from 500 million to 2 billion in 2 years.
  • The app represents 86% of the time the user spends on the smartphone.
  • More than 30% of mobile advertising revenue comes from applications that are not from Google or Facebook.

According to the Fast Company statistics

Advantages of Android Platform

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A large company can simultaneously develop applications on various platforms, but what type of platform should small business personnel choose? The right answer can have a big impact on the success or failure of the business. Both independent development companies and large-scale development companies have numerous discussions and debates on this subject. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, aimed at several users. Among the multiple operating systems that power our mobile device, we want to pay special attention as open source software that Android is very popular and successful.

Having a market share of more than 80% has become one of the most important parts of the business mobile IT strategy. We are developing applications for this operating system that attract more than one billion users with 20,000 unique devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC and other renowned brands.

It is easy to customize. If Android is open source software, it facilitates the development of commercial applications with its own brand. You can earn your honor by implementing your trademark in this operating system. In addition, you can implement a wide range of functions ranging from complex technical customization to the integration of web applications in your app. The Android platform responds flexibly to all business requirements.

By creating a custom product on the Google-related platform, you can freely obtain the functions you requested. The single customer of iPhone app brings to the company more money, it is considered that the total revenue from Android users is much more. However, depending on the popularity of Google-related smartphones and tablets, current users make their business the same amount. In addition, free applications with in-app advertising generate revenue through ad demonstration.

Android belongs to Google. In the Google Play store, you can access the market faster than the Apple Store. After sending the app, it will take several hours for it to be published in the Play Store, but Apple Apple is reviewing the product for several weeks. It is also faster to update and correct errors in Play Store.

If your company is in the mass market and is targeting the middle class segments, you need the Android development platform. When thinking about the future of your business, the development of applications is not a lot of potential buyers and competitive areas.

The new features of Apple's latest mobile phones can hardly be used with previous versions of the operating system, but new phones and tablets do not limit users just because they do not pay as much. New features available With this, among young innovators, loyal buyers of Android devices are on the rise. The loyalty of young people to its app will bring millions of solvent fans for hundreds of years.

When creating a product for the general public, in the economic sense, point to the operating system aimed at potential users, which provides the largest number of viewers.

Solutions for Small Businesses

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are everywhere, the existence of mobile devices is now not uncomfortable. More than half of small business traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a luxury to let this visitor pass by.

  • The number of small and medium enterprises with their own mobile applications is increasing, and those that already have software are ahead of the competitive market. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an effective mobile strategy and responsible design of the website. When you create your app, you can rely on the following advantages for your company:
  • You will always be visible. Your potential customers can always contact you and know you. Keeping information and services accessible in your client's pocket will always make life easier for you and greatly improve your experience.
  • You advertise your business. Use push notifications to notify customers about sales, campaigns and promotions. We will reward customers with loyalty. You can also promote your brand to be recognized by mobile apps.
  • Applications can also increase productivity. By implementing a series of functions, you can make your business more mobile. We will introduce the booking system and simplify the life of the client, while saving the employee time for other tasks. Allow customers to shop online and create a new sales channel.
  • Mobile applications have so many unique and attractive features that can greatly contribute to the growth and prosperity of the business. With modern technology you can make it creative so that customers can acquire and retain both existing and potential things.

How to Create an Android App

There are several ways to create a program:

  • Do it at the program development site
  • Learn the programming language of Android
  • Hire professional developers
  • Discuss these options and we will choose what is most suitable for you

Creation of custom applications by professional developers

Creating applications requires certain skills and experience. The DIY site is not as good as a professionally developed site, it takes a lot of time to write the code yourself. Hiring a professional designer is a profitable investment that provides tools to increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

How to find great developers?

Sometimes, mobilizing a company means that you already need help from qualified people to develop apps. So, how can you find the best development company? Here are some tips for choosing a software company.


Presence of the QA group. The Google-targeted platform has around 20,000 devices, each with its own resolution, screen size and features. Several branded companies also produce changes that lead to need tests as to whether their app can work with all of these devices. What do you think about using a program that does not work in the middle of the smartphone? Quality control professionals will provide excellent applications that test apps, eliminate errors and provide users with an appropriate work environment.


Security and stability should be some of the main priorities in the creation of apps. If your selected development company does not pay enough attention to protection against hacker attacks, virus vulnerabilities and maximum load pressures to improve the reliability of the software developed, such applications there is a danger of damaging your reputation on. To avoid this, choose a development agency that focuses on security.


UI / UX designer. A functional user interface and an intuitive user experience are essential for informative and useful apps. Android developers must work closely with the UI / UX designers to make the project successful. If the app generator can not practice the designer's idea, all efforts will be blocked at this stage.


The Android developer you are looking for should use their Android SDK with a professional developer license, download it to Google Play, prepare a portfolio of a wide range of projects and demonstrate their skills.

Therefore, consider the above points to find your company in addition to the price and capacity.


Become an Android Developer

Since 2010, we have created amazing applications for our clients. If you are a start-up company or a well-founded company, we serve here. Our team of experts made up of experienced programmers, creative designers and quality control professionals have trusted our customers with more than 500 successful cases of tablet and phone software development. We develop mobile applications for the following industries:

  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Social networks
  • Property
  • Tourism
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment and many others

We have experienced in many niches and can add an expert opinion to your project. We are flexible and we can overcome the idea we want to develop.

Why us?

If you choose us as your development team, you can check all the previous points in your list. Our custom software development company consists of an expert in Android and iOS who pays attention to all the details from the functions to the characteristics of the user interface, quality and security.

To describe us briefly:

  • We knew it and we backed it with the successful previous project of Android.
  • You can design and develop an Android app that meets your requirements and meets your needs.
  • We guarantee the support of the identification of the central function of your app, always up to the proper installation of Android SDK and future maintenance.
  • We will customize your program to adapt it to your unique needs and implement the functions you want.
  • We will customize the design to meet your expectations.
  • You can configure data integration using the Android development API.
  • Our goal is to make your product easy to use, intuitive and attractive.

We are in Contact

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