App Development Services: Bespoke Software for Your Business

Are you one of the forward-looking entrepreneurs, who are looking for a reliable business partner engaged in app development services? You finally found us, as our app development company have been providing businesses with bespoke web and mobile applications since 2010.

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Bespoke app creation

We specialise in bespoke web and mobile app development concentrating on your business goals, target audience, personal requirements. Our team consists of highly-skilled developers, designers, UX and QA experts who not only build business-driven apps but also customise them to fits your company perfectly as if it was a not a program but bespoke suit for your organisation. We put you first; you are the owner of the future program, and you are the one who determines what is it going to be like. Our well-versed software engineers will help you with expert estimation of your project and advise you how to achieve better efficiency.

A set of our app development services

  • Native app development (Smartphones and Tablets)
    • iOS app development
    • Android app development
    • Windows app development
  • Web app development
  • Hybrid app development
Whether you need a robust web system that automates mission-critical routine processes or mobile tool that enhance your business efficiency, our mobile and web app development company can create such tool for you.
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Our customers - our business partners

Our web development agency collaborates with any size companies, from startups who are just becoming brand names to notable brands and established corporations letting their businesses improve their performance and go mobile. Our software development company has delivered hundreds of projects rich in diversity and believe that we are enough technologically advanced to deal with any challenge converting it into a successful end result. We help businesses navigate progressive technological landscape to the growth and prosperity with an app of any complexity. As one of top app development agencies, we strive to establish long-term relationships and that is why our development team wants to empower your company with a highly-performing app that meets your business objectives and requirements.

Native app development

The mobile world requires business mobility as well. Considering the prevalence of mobile over the desktop business mobile app became a must-have company’s tool whether it is a huge corporation or small startup. Because customers expect you to have an app, otherwise they can go to your competitor who provides them access to the services via an app. Our mobile development team offers native apps creation delivering excellent custom service. App developers combine sophisticated functionality with a simple usability and intuitive navigation. We keep your success in mind and use best programming practices and coding guidelines developing software programs for smartphones and tablets. Our business application development company has extensive experience in building high-performing and -functioning apps on all major mobile platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

We ensure secure and scalable final product that meet your expectations thanks to agile development methodology that based on your feedback allows imply changes and improvements throughout the development process. It is a perfect time to become mobile ready, and we can assist you.


iPhone and iPad devices approved to have the most stable and secure platform. The number of iOS apps is growing at an impressive speed. This operating system has one of the largest market share and commercial nature. The iOS development is a great chance to engage high-income customers and get them involved. Our development agency will ensure that your software product’s performance, look, and feel satisfies the end-users. Our custom software application development services combine stylish interface with robust functionality to meet your customers’ expectations and your requirements. Our iOS developers will help you to navigate all Apple submission requirements with a high-quality app which took all the advantages of Apple devices capabilities whether it is iPhone or iPad.


The Android operating system dominates the market share with about 1.5 billion users and offers incomparable personalization and customisation opportunities. Android app development can significantly increase your customers reach and move your business forward. Our skilled Android app developers utilise the Android SDK and all the advantages of the operating system to ensure that your app is innovative, interactive, and fits all variety of Android mobile devices. Cutting-edge technologies and creative design will distinguish your Android app of others on Google Play making people love it. We develop Android apps both for tablets and smartphones for all types of industries and customise them to any business requirements.


Windows operating system has Microsoft’s strength, support, and security. Fresh and user-friendly UI provide a promising future for the Windows platform development. Our Windows app developers are endued with all the innovation, power, and scalability of the Microsoft Windows OS in it Windows Mobile version. Our development team can take advantages of Windows smartphones and tablets features and capabilities providing you with a high-quality custom solution. We ensure a collaborative and transparent process of development based on your regular feedback to meet all your vision and business needs.

Web application development services

Our software development company provide custom web apps that are tailored to your business. Our team of experienced web developers provides a range of web app development services that can address
  • internal process optimisation, such as improved internal communication and management, streamlined process automation, and better data storage and processing etc;
  • Improved user experience with more dynamic and interactive website;
  • Better external interaction with vendors and customers.
We are experts in building complex solutions making them highly scalable, easy-to-navigate, secure, and effective. Our web developers take into consideration the necessity of providing mobile-friendly solutions to reach a greater audience, and that is why they actively use responsive and adaptive designs to deliver you a web program that looks and feels great on all variety of desktop and mobile devices. We use the latest web technologies and methodologies to build a fast-loading and highly optimised experience that meets all your needs. Our vast expertise includes work with such web technologies as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Python and may others.

Hybrid app design service

Our IT company can also offer you hybrid app development if you are interested in it. Our developers’ expertise allows us to build robust, high-functioning programs. Due to the combination of both mobile and web technologies hybrid apps employs native app capabilities. They look and feel like native ones, while in fact, they are more like web apps built with JavaScript and HTML5 and wrapped in a native container such as PhoneGap. Unlike native app that downloads most of the content when it first installed, a hybrid app loads information while the user navigates the app, what make it slower than native. In spite of apparent hybrid’s benefits, such as time-to-market, cross-compatibility, and easy updates there are huge risks developing such app. No matter how well it was designed most likely you will face with numerous user complaints about its performance and usage because smartphones operating systems are too complicated and have different requirements to find a one-fit-all solution for them. If you choosing between native and hybrid app development services, as professionals, we suggest you choose the first one. But if reason you need a hybrid app, we can do it for you, too.

Advantages of our partnership

  • Bespoke development tailored to your business needs and objectives;
  • Agile and cost-effective development methods;
  • Skilled and Experienced UK-based in-house team;
  • Innovative and creative solutions;
  • Free consultancy;
  • No outsourcing;
  • Careful testing and Quality Assurance;
  • Work with numerous libraries, coding guidelines and standards
  • Development process

    Software development is an established process that ensure that in the end we will deliver you a high-quality app that meets your business objectives. Our app developers have worked on hundreds of successful apps and learned to flexible and ready for any plan changes. Sometimes, our clients are not completely sure what kind of app they want and what functionality will be useful for them. In this case, we keep to agile development leaving a room for further changes implementation throughout the whole process of program creation. Our development team regularly deliver your the results asking for your feedback and according to it move further.
  • UI/UX

    App design isn’t just about visual effects, it is about your business identity and representation. An attractive design enhances relationships with your customers. We put your end users in the centre and design your mobile or web app considering their impression of your product striving to achieve a positive image that appeals to your customers. User experience influences the way users feel about your app. Hard-to-use, too complicated apps scare your customers away, that is why our UX designers do their best to make your app usable and intuitive to achieve better retention. The design services includes:
    • You business identity study for further integration;
    • Analysis of your target audience, market, and competitors;
    • Prototyping to ensure better UX;
    • Creation of clickable mockup for your feedback;
    • UX testing.
  • Quality Assurance

    You app is your representative in mobile and online world. And its quality influence your reputation. That is why we start thinking about the final results from the stage of your project brief idea. We predict possible difficulties and challenges which we may face during the development to avoid them from the very beginning. Our QA department conducts various testing throughout the development process to achieve greater results and protect your app from failure. We test all its features and performance before the launch. Our QA experts take all the variety of the devices to check if it looks and feels equally well. Testing services includes testing of:
    • Correspondence to your requirements;
    • Compatibility;
    • Usability and Navigation;
    • Performance and functionality;
    • Stress and load;
    • Security.